Monday, 27 February 2012


Am begining to think that clean water is relative. every day as i walk to the organization where am based, i come across lots of people who are out looking for water. but my concern is how clean is this water. back in high school we would even drink water from basins used for bathing and no one got sick. closer home we buy water from vendors and we have absolutely no idea of where this water is from and we just use it. there are brocken pipes everywhere and when we open our taps what come out is some brownish water and all we do is let it settle and we use it.
some time back water guard was introduced in the market but some people said it was jik only the intensity reduced. this no one can tell also. But really when do say that water is clean ? those who boil are few, water containers are also not very clean, we consume the same not minding the source.
well clean water will to me remain being a personal initiative since we all have our own definition of clean. whichever way, enjoy the water you've got.

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